MTV visited Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev (Elena) on the set of her new movie, Let's Be Cops. They asked how Katherine will change now that she's ingested the cure and has become human. In Nina's opinion, the former vampire won't be all that different. "She still has the same personality and the same traits and she'll still be as conniving and crazy and manipulative as she always was but she just won't have all the perks of being a vampire." We can't wait to see that!
MTV在《吸血鬼日记》女主角新电影的片场采访到了Nina Dobrev,让我们来看看她都说了什么吧!他们问,Katherine喝了治愈变成人类之后会有怎样的变化。Nina认为,Katherine不会有太大变化。“她的个性还是和以前一样喜欢搞阴谋、疯狂、爱操纵别人,区别只是没有了当吸血鬼的那些技能。”

Julie Plec has teased, “Absolutely nothing is going to stop everyone from trying to kill her. That’s what puts her in a pickle that is going to have her seeking out protection from unlikely sources."
《吸血鬼日记》制片人Julie Plec透露说:“大家还是那么想杀了她。这也导致她仍然是个到处寻找安全感的坏女人。”