"Shameless" is officially losing a character before Season 4. Justin Chatwin, who has appeared as Jimmy (formerly Steve) on the darkly comedic Showtime drama, will not return as a series regular when the show returns. The reason? Jimmy died at the end of Season 3.
《无耻之徒》第四季开播前正式失去一个角色。这个角色是Justin Chatwin扮演的Jimmy,这个角色将不会作为该剧的常规角色回归。原因就是Jimmy这个角色在第三季最后一集死掉了。

"Shameless" showrunner John Wells confirmed Chatwin's departure. "He has done great work," Wells explained. "But that character was coming to an end." Emmy Rossum -- the show's star and Jimmy's most-of-the-time girlfriend -- added that she "shed a couple of tears in my trailer" after hearing the news.
《无耻之徒》制作人John Wells已经确认Chatwin将会离开的消息。“他之前的表现都非常出色,”Well说。“但是这个角色已经演绎到了尽头。”在剧中作为Jimmy这个角色相处得最久的女友扮演者Emmy Rossum说,她听到这个消息的时候甚至忍不住落泪了。

This is actually the first confirmation that Chatwin's character did in fact die. Throughout Season 3, Jimmy had been balancing a double life with both the Gallagher family and with his secret wife, Estefania, the daughter of a Brazilian drug lord.