A group of Elon University friends lit up the Internet this week with a stunning takeoff of the famous opening the popular television series, "Friends."The six friends did a replica of the "Friends" opening, with them frolicking in a water fountain at Elon.

Elon senior David Gwynn, who is from Raleigh and went to Enloe High School, said the idea was the brainchild of Sarah Davenport."She had always joked that we were like the ‘Friends' group," Gwynn said Friday afternoon. "We had the right amount of people, the right amount of girls and guys. Before graduation, she was like, why don't we re-shoot the intro to ‘Friends?'"
大四学生大卫格温来自罗利毕业于Enloe高中,他说这个主意是好友萨拉·达文波特想出来的。“她总开玩笑说我们几个人就像《老友记》,” 周五下午格温说。“我们刚好六个人,男女数量也刚好。她提议说,毕业之前我们何不重拍一次《老友记》呢?”

Also appearing in the video are senior Will Anderson, Patrick Cunningham, Lucie Miller and Alexis Deprey.

Gwynn said they needed school approval to do it in the water foundation and were shocked when Elon said OK.

They filmed the piece Tuesday, May 21, just before their May 25 graduation. It took about 15 hours to edit and produce, and they posted it to YouTube a few days after graduation.

Gwynn said the video had only about 200 views on YouTube, and they had shared it with only friends and family, until "Good Morning America" called. After they did a Skype interview, the video exploded and now has more than 60,000 views.

And as graduating seniors, all the students who took part in recreating the video have big plans ahead.

"Funny enough, the people who play Rachel and Ross got engaged two days ago. So that was a cute little, 'Oh my gosh, it's real' moment," Gwynn laughed.

"It's been a fun ride and a great end to our college friendship together," he said.The friends won't be together much again any time soon - Gwynn boarded a plane Friday afternoon for a job in Denmark.