According to a source, since David has retired from football, he is ready for his friend Cruise to make good on his promise.

Tom Cruise promised David Beckham, long time back, that he would make his dream of becoming a movie star come true.

The insider told the Daily Star that David feels that now is the time to transition into movies while he is still young enough to land the top-notch roles.
知情人告诉Daily Star,大卫觉得是时候转行到电影行业了,他现在仍然足够年轻,可以出演一些顶尖角色。

Cruise and David, have been friends, since the 38-year-old former footie ace and his family moved to Los Angeles.

At that time, Cruise’s then wife Katie Holmes struck up a friendship with Victoria, and the couples were often seen out together, but the relationship reportedly cooled after the 50-year-old actor tried to get David involved in Scientology.

The source added that Beckham still keeps in touch with Cruise and believes that he will stand by his promise to help him become a star.