If you have a loud voice and aren’t too scared of large animals then you may be interested in a new polar bear spotting job that has become available.

The role would see you posted in Svalbard, Norway, and your key duty would be looking out for the intimidating beast, while scientists carry out important work.

It has become necessary to hire someone to spot the animals as their numbers have increased in the area, with an estimated 3,000 bears compared to 2,400 humans on the islands.

Researchers operating at the location have unsurprisingly become concerned for their safety, which has led Svalbard’s governor Odd Olsen Ingra to come up with the new vacancy.

Having firearm skills would be a bonus when applying for the job but the only requirement is you have a loud voice so you can scare off the polar bears.

If you do get the job then you can expect freezing temperatures and poor phone reception – just the conditions you would want when facing a massive bear.