Long ago a great mountain began to rumble and shake . People came from far and near to see what would happen. "A great river will be born." said one. "Surely nothing less than a mighty dragon will come out." said another. "A god himself will spring form these rocks." said a third. Finally , after days of expectation a small crack appeared in the mountain. And out popped ---- a mouse.Just because someone makes a lot of fuss, it doesn't mean he is important.

很久以前,一座大山隆隆作响,摇晃起来。远近各处的人都来看是怎么回事。 一个人说:"要出现一条大河了。" 另一个人说:"准会出现一条巨龙。" 第三个人说:"从这些岩石中会出现一尊神来。" 等了几天之后,山坡上终于裂开一条小缝,却蹦出来一只耗子。 正因为某人大肆张扬,所以他没有什么了不起。