According to legend, in ancient times a year, ten suns appeared in the sky, straight smoke roasted earth, the sea dry, people no longer seeing life go.
This alerted a hero named Hou Yi, he boarded the Kunlun Peak, transport enough god, God opened the bow, shot down nine stretch an excess of sun.
Hou Yi set matchless magic, the people respected and loved by many patriots come here Toushi apprenticeship. Treacherous cunning, evil intents Peng Meng also mixed in.
Soon, Hou Yi married a beautiful and kind-hearted wife named Chang-e. In addition to hunting Hou Yi Chuan Yi, the day and his wife together, people are envious of this Langcainvmao loving couple.
Day, Hou Yi and friends seeking the correct path to the Kunlun Mountains, the Queen Mother after this chance encounter, they would seek the Queen Mother of a pack of elixir. It is said that the drug dose can immediately go to heaven immortal.
Three days later, Hou Yi mobilize believers to go out hunting, Peng Meng dismal pretend illness, stayed.
Houyi rate to be gone soon everyone, Peng Meng backyard holding a sword into the inner chamber, coercion Chang E to hand over elixir.
Peng Meng Chang-e know that they are not rivals, when she was critical of the decisive turn open the treasure box, took out elixir swallowed.
Chang-e swallowed drugs, the body immediately floated off the ground, out of the window, flew to the sky. As Chang-e worried about her husband, then fly to the moon from the earth into the nearest cent.
Evening, Hou Yi returned home, maid cried the day they happened. Hou Yi both scared and angry, Choujian kill bad guys, Peng Meng escaped early. Hou Yi wringing Wawataijiao anger. Hou Yi distraught, looking up at the night sky, calling his beloved wife's name. Then he was surprised to find that today's moon is particularly bright and clear and bright, and there is a shaking of the figure resembles the Chang-e.
Hou Yi quickly sent to the Chang-e, after a favorite garden, put the incense table, put her favorite honey usually eat fruit, Yao Ji at the the moon's Chang-e in the attachment of their own.
People have heard about the Moon After the news of immortality, have decorative incense table in the next month, the Chang-e to pray for good luck peace. Since then, the custom of Mid-Autumn Festival worship in private spread.
后羿立下盖世神功,受到百姓 的尊敬和爱戴,不少志士慕名前来投师学艺。奸诈刁钻、心术不正的蓬蒙也混了进来。
不久,后羿娶了个美丽善良的 妻子,名叫嫦娥。后羿除传艺狩猎外,终日和妻子在一起,人们都羡慕这对郎才女貌的恩爱夫妻。