A bad beginning makes a bad ending. 恶其始者必恶其终。
A bad bush is better than the open field. 有胜于无。
A bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit. 吃亏的和解也比胜诉强。
A bad conscience is a snake in one's heart. 做贼心虚。
A bad custom is like a good cake, better broken than kept. 坏习惯像鲜馅饼,分食要比保存好。
A bad padlock invites a picklock. 开门揖盗。
A bad penny always turns up.烂钱总是会再回笼
A bad thing never dies. 坏事传千年。
A bad workman quarrels with his tools. 拙匠常怨工具差(人笨怨刀钝)。
A bargain is a bargain. 达成的协议不可撕毁。
A beggar's purse is bottomless. 乞丐的钱袋是无底洞。
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. 双鸟在林不如一鸟在手。
A bird is known by its note, and a man by his talk. 闻其歌知其鸟,听其言知其人。
A bird may be known by its song. 什么鸟唱什么歌。
A bit in the morning is better than nothing all day. 略有胜于全无。
A blind man who leans against a wall imagines that it's the boundary of the world. 坐井观天。
A blind man will not thank you for a looking-glass. 秋波送盲,白费痴情。
A book is the same today as it always was and it will never change. 一本好书今天如此,将来也如此,永不改变。
A book that remains shut is but a block. 有书闭卷不阅读,无异是一块木头。
A borrowed cloak does not keep one warm. 借来的斗篷不暖身。
Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it. 相聚爱益切,离别情更深。
A burden of one's choice is not felt. 自己选的担子不嫌重。
A burnt child dreads the fire. 一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳。
A candle lights others and consumes itself. 蜡烛焚自身,光亮照别人。
A cat may look at a king. 猫也有权晋见国王。
A cat has nine lives. 猫有九条命。
Accidents will happen. 天有不测风云。
A chain is no stronger than its weakest link. 链条的坚固程度取决于它最薄弱的环节。
A change of work is as good as a rest. 调换一下工作是很好的休息。
A cheerful wife is the joy of life. 快乐的妻子是生活的乐事。
A clean hand wants no washing. 身正不怕影子斜。
A clear conscience is a soft pillow. 问心无愧,高枕无忧。
A clear conscience is a sure card. 光明磊落,胜券在握。
A clear conscience laughs at false accusations. 白日不做亏心事,夜半敲门心不惊。
A clear fast is better than a dirty breakfast. 宁为清贫,不为浊富。
A close mouth catches no flies. 病从口入,祸从口出。
A cock is valiant on his own dunghill. 夜郎自大。
A common danger causes common action. 同仇敌忾。
A constant guest is never welcome. 久住非佳宾,常来不欢迎。
A contented mind is perpetual feast. 知足常乐。
A covetous man is good to none but worse to himself. 贪婪的人对别人毫无好处,对自己却坏处更大。
A crafty knave needs no broker. 狡猾的流氓,不需居间人。
A creaking door hangs long on its hinges. 户枢不蠹。
Action is the proper fruit of knowledge. 行动是知识的巧果。
Actions speak louder than words. 事实胜于雄辩。
A discontented man knows not where to sit easy. 不满足者坐无宁时。
A disease known is half cured. 病情确诊断,治病好一半。
Admonish your friends in private, praise them in public. 在私底下要忠告你的朋友,在公开场合又表扬你的朋友。
A dog will not howl if you beat him with a bone. 骨头打狗狗不叫.