A: What is your favourite type of fruit?

B: I think it must be fresh pineapple .

pineapple n. 凤梨,菠萝

A: Can you pinpoint the exact location of the building?

B: I’ll have to loot at a map.

pinpoint vt. 1. 准确描述,确定,确认;2. 准确地确定……的位置

n. 针尖,尖端

a. 十分精确的

A: What are you coming as to the fancy dress party?

B: A pirate , and you can be my parrot if you wish.

pirate n. 1. 非法盗印(或复制)者,侵犯版权者;2. 海盗

vt. 1. 以海盗方式抢劫,抢掠;2. 盗用,非法盗印(或复制)

A: Do you know how the victim was killed?

B: He was shot with a pistol .

pistol n. 手枪

A: The engine has stopped working.

B: Oh, the pistons must have seized.

piston n. 活塞

A: I stayed up too late last night and I am now exhausted.

B: Well, that is one of the major pitfalls of staying up late!

pitfall n. 1. 隐患,易犯的错误;2. 陷阱,圈套

A: What was your favourite thing about your visit to Italy?

B: The pizza , it was fantastic.

pizza n. 意大利馅饼,比萨饼

A: We are studying about the great plague in history class.

B: Isn’t that also called “The Black Death”?

plague n. 1. 瘟疫,鼠疫;2. 灾难,祸患

vt. 使痛苦(或难受),给……造成困难(或麻烦)

A: Emma is as thick as two planks .

B: Don’t be so cruel, I think she is quite intelligent actually.

plank n. 1. 厚木板(条);2. 政纲条目,政策要点

A: Was there much damage to your house during the storm?

B: No, just the plaster on the wall was cracked.

plaster n. 1. 灰浆,灰泥;2. 石膏;3. 橡皮膏,膏药

vt. 1. 在……上抹灰泥,厚厚地涂抹;2. 粘贴于,张贴于,贴满

A: Even though we are at a high altitude, I do not feel it.

B: That is because we are on a plateau , it can be deceptive.

plateau n. 1. 高原;2. (上升厚的)稳定时期(或状态)

A: This time, please me a plausible excuse for being late.

B: Well Sir, I still don’t think that you will believe me.

plausible a. 似有道理的,似乎正确的,貌似可信的

A: We are sending out a plea for donations to our charity.

B: Oh, I will respond to that.

plea n. 1. 恳求,请求

2. 抗辩,答辩,辩护

3. 借口,托辞

A: Mum, please, please can I stay up late tonight.

B: Despite how much you plead , the answer is still “No”.

plead vi. 1. 恳求,请求

2. 申诉,答辩,辩护

vt. 1. 为……辩护

2. 提出……为理由(或借口)