A: I am unable to read the small print in the book.

B: It seems you need to magnify it.

magnify vt. 1. 放大,扩大;2. 夸大,夸张

A: That was a terrible storm.

B: Indeed, but it is too early to determine the magnitude of the damage.

magnitude n. 1. 重要性,重大;2. 巨大,广大

A: A young fair maiden like you shouldn’t be single.

B: That is because I am a young fair independent maiden.

maiden n. 少女,年轻姑娘,未婚女子

a. 首次的,初次的

A: You look majestic sitting on that high chair.

B: Yes, I am pretending to be the king!

majestic a. 雄伟的,壮丽的,庄严的,高贵的

A: Please cook me dinner now.

B: Yes, your majesty, I’m at your service.

majesty n. 1. [M-]陛下(对帝王,王后的尊称);2. 雄伟,壮丽,庄严

A: Doctor, I traveled to Africa and I think I caught malaria.

B: Did you take any medicine as a precaution?

malaria n. 疟疾

A: I hate you!

B: Why are you so full of malice?

malice n. 恶意,怨恨

A: I’m afraid that the test results have come back and your lump is malignant.

B: That means it’s serious, doesn’t it, doctor?

malignant a. 1. 恶性的,致命的;2. 恶意的,恶毒的

A: I’m going shopping in the mall this afternoon, want to join me?

B: No, thanks, I have plans already.

mall n. (由许多商店组成的)购物中心

 A: That child looks very unhealthy.

B: Yes, he does not have enough to eat. He is suffering from malnutrition.

malnutrition n. 营养不良

A: What distinguishes mammals from other animals, teacher?

B: Mammals feed their young on milk.

mammal n. 哺乳动物

A: I was able to park the car in one single maneuver.

B: Well done, you have improved.

maneuver n. 1. 谨慎而熟练的动作;2. 策略,花招;3. [pl.]演习

vt. 1. 设法使变动位置;2. (敏捷或巧妙地)操纵,控制

vi. 1. 设法变动位置;2. 用策略,耍花招

A: Are you telling me you saw a ghost?

B: Yes, it manifested itself on me during the night.

manifest a. 明显的,显然的,明了的

vt. 1. 显示,表明,证明;2. 使显现,使显露

A: I’m not able to untie this knot.

B: If you manipulate the knot a bit more you may be able to open it.

manipulate vt. 1. 操纵,控制,影响;2. (熟练地)操作,使用

A: I just bought the new house.

B: That is too big to be a house. It is a mansion.

mansion n. 大厦,(豪华的)宅邸

A: I discovered an ancient manuscript.

B: Are you going to donate it to the library?

manuscript n. 1. 手稿,原稿,底稿;2. 手写本