A: Is that lipstick on your collar?

B: No, it is just tomato sauce, trust me!

lipstick n. 唇膏,口红

A: What do you do in your spare time?

B: I’m involved in a literacy project, teaching kids how to read.

literacy n. 识字,有文化,读写能力

A: You should try to look beyond literal translations of the poem.

B: But it is too difficult for me.

literal a. 1. 照字面的,原义的;2. 逐字的

A: You should not take everything that I say literally .

B: Well, you should be more direct.

literally n. 1. 逐字地,照原文,照字面地;2. 确实地,真正地;3. 简直

A: My grandmother was the only literate girl in her family.

B: She was lucky to get an education.

literate a. 1. 有读写能力的;2. 有文化修养的

A: Please put your litter in the bin.

B: Oh, I can’t see one.

litter n. 1. 废弃物,被胡乱扔掉的东西;2. 一窝(仔,崽);3. (一堆)杂乱的东西

vt. 乱扔东西于

vi. 乱扔废弃物

A: The livestock on my farm are doing very well.

B: How many cows and sheep do you have in total?

livestock n. [总称]家畜,牲畜

A: Were you out in the sun?

B: Yes, I got burnt and I look like a lobster .

lobster n. 龙虾

A: Are there any libraries in your locality ?

B: No, but there is one in the next town.

locality n. 地区,地点

A: Oh no, I left my watch in the locker in the gym.

B: You better go back and get it.

locker n. (公共场所供个人使用的)寄物柜

A: I’m interested in early locomotive travel.

B: I have never really been interested in trains myself.

locomotive n. 机车

A: You have very lofty ideals.

B: No, I just have high expectations of myself.

lofty a. 1. 高傲的,傲慢的;2. 崇高的,高尚的;3. 高耸的,极高的

A: My family has never enjoyed longevity .

B: But you are lucky, you are already 91!

longevity n. 1. 长寿;2. 寿命

A: What line of longitude are the Falkland Islands located on?

B: Not sure, you better check a map.

longitude n. 经度

A: My grandmother made all her clothing on a loom .

B: Did she teach you how to use it?

loom n. 织布机

vi. 1. 阴森地逼近,隐现,赫然耸现;2. 即将来临

A: What did you do with the stolen loot ?

B: I hid the money in a secret location.

loot n. 赃物,战利品,掠夺物

v. 抢劫,劫掠,掠夺