A: This time, Sir, I have a legitimate excuse for being late, I was ill.

B: Do you have a doctor’s note to prove it?

legitimate a. 1. 合情合理的;2. 合法的,法律认可的

vt. 使合法

A: Would you like a glass of lemonade ?

B: Oh, yes please, that sounds very refreshing.

lemonade n. 1. 柠檬水;2. 汽水

A: Even though you have been naughty, I will be lenient just this one time.

B: Thanks, Mum, and I promise not to do it again.

lenient a. 宽大的,仁慈的

A: Do you need anything from the shops?

B: Yes, I’d need to make a salad. Could you buy some lettuce please?

lettuce n. 莴苣,生菜

A: I can’t open the window.

B: Here is a stick, use it as a lever to force it open.

lever n. 1. 杠,杠杆;2. 途径,工具,手段

vt. (用杠杆)撬动,撬起

A: My boss never gives much leverage , I don’t think I’ll be able to get the day off work.

B: Oh, at least try one last time.

leverage n. 1. 力量,影响,手段,优势;2. 杠杆作用,杠杆的力量

A: The government has increased the levy on imports.

B: By what percentage?

levy vt. 征收(税等)

n. 征税,税款

A: You are a liability around the house.

B: I’m not dangerous. I’m just energetic.

liability n. 1. 责任;2. [pl.]负债,债务;3. 不利条件,起妨碍作用的人(或物)

A: Lilies are my favourite kind of flower.

B: Oh, mine too!

lily n. 百合,百合花

A: I arrive to the ball by limousine .

B: Oh, I could not afford one, so I came by bus!

limousine n. 轿车

A: Sarah has a very limp handshake.

B: Yes, I don’t think that she is confident in herself.

limp a. 1. 软弱的,无生气的,无精神的;2. 软的,松沓的

vi. 一瘸一拐地走,蹒跚

n. 跛行

A: Have you done linear equations in math class yet?

B: No, I think we cover them next year.

linear a. 1. 线的,直线的,线状的;2. 长度的;3. 线性的

A: Is your shirt made from cotton or linen ?

B: I am not sure what kind of fabric it is.

linen n.  1. 日用织品,亚麻织品;2. 亚麻布

A: I worked on a cruise liner for three months.

B: Sounds exotic, but I’m sure that it was hard work!

liner n. 1. 大客轮;2. (化妆用)眼线膏,眼线笔,描唇笔;3. 衬里

A: What would you like to do this morning?

B: Just linger in bed a while longer.

linger vi. 1. (因不愿意离开而)继续逗留,留恋徘徊;2. (on)继续存留,缓慢消失

A: I had a problem learning how to speak correctly when I was a child.

B: Oh, I also had some linguistic problems.

linguistic a. 语言的,语言学的