A: I need to interact with some new people.

B: Good , but how are you going to meet them?

interact vi. 相互作用,相互影响

A: I think our post has been intercepted.

B: Why, were the letters open when they arrived?

intercept vt. 拦截,截住,截击

A: The conference facilitated intercourse with many groups of people.

B: I hope that you had some interesting and productive conversations.

intercourse n. 1. 性交;2. 交流,交往,交际

A: What do you study in college?

B: The interface between humans and computers

interface n. 1. 接口;2. 界面,交接处

v. 互相作用(或影响,联系),互相配合工作

A: We have to submit an interim report by the end of the month.

B: And when will the official one have to be completed?

interim a. 暂时的,临时的

n. 间歇,过度期间

in the interim 在其间

A: May I offer an interjection into the argument?

B: No, the debate must continue without disruption.

interjection n. 1. 感叹词;2. (突然的)插入

A: How was the weather on your holiday?

B: Apart form the intermittent rain, it was fine.

intermittent a. 间歇的,断断续续的

A: Turn left at the next intersection.

B: I thought we have to turn right.

intersection n. 1. 横断,交叉;2. 道路交叉口,交点

A: My parents are always arguing.

B: Is there anything you can do to intervene?

intervene vi. 1. 干涉,干预;2. 干扰,阻挠

A: I am planning an intervention into the affairs of my neighbours.

B: Why are you so interested in what they are doing ?

intervention n. 介入,干涉,干预

A: Jane is always so outspoken.

B: But don’t be intimidated by her.

intimidate vt. 恐吓,威胁

A: He was completely intoxicated after coming home from the pub last night.

B: Yes, I knew he had a lot to drink.

intoxicate vt. 1. 使喝醉;2. 使陶醉,使欣喜若狂

A: The details in the painting are exceptionally intricate.

B: Yes, it must have taken a long time to complete.

intricate a. 错综复杂的,复杂精细的

A: Did you enjoy the novel I lent you?

B: It was excellent, the plot was full of intrigue and mystery.

intrigue vt. 激起……的好奇心(或兴趣),迷住

vi. 耍阴谋,施诡计

n. 阴谋,诡计,密谋

A: I found a piece of evidence that is intrinsic to our case.

B: Gosh, why did we not realize it sooner?

intrinsic a. 固有的,本质的,内在的

A: I don’t mean to intrude, but can I join your conversation?

B: Don’t worry, you are not interrupting anything private.

intrude vi. 侵入,侵扰,打扰