A: My surname is Bailey Smith.

B: Is there hyphen between Bailey and Smith?

hyphen  n. 连字符,连(字)号

A: His speech was utter hypocrisy.

B: I agree, it was very unreasonable.

hypocrisy  n. 伪善,虚伪

A: Before we do the experiment, we have to form an hypothesis.

B: Do you have any suggestions?

hypothesis n. 假说,假设,前提

A: The comedy show was hysterical.

B: Oh, but I did not find it to be particularly funny.

hysterical a. 情绪异常激动的,歇斯底里般的

A: I need to see some identification before I can let you in.

B: But I’m not carrying any.

identification n. 1. 身份证明;2. 鉴定,验明,认出;3. 认同

A: My ideologies and ideas about life have changed over the years.

B: That is natural, it is called growing up!

ideology n. 思想(体系),思想意识

A: I’m up the creek without a paddle.

B: Stop talking in idiom!

idiom n. 1. 习语,成语;2. (在艺术等方面所表现的)风格,特色

A: I lost your wallet, I’m sorry.

B: You idiot, you are always misplacing things.

idiot n. 白痴,傻子,笨蛋

A: Madonna is my idol.

B: And you are mine!

idol n. 1. 偶像,受崇拜的人或物;2. 神像

A: The fire was ignited by an accident.

B: Are you sure that it was not arson?

ignite vt. 点燃,引发

vi. 着火

A: The new lights illuminate the room well.

B: Yes, I had them specially designed.

illuminate vt. 1. 照明,照亮;2. 阐明,启发

A: Is that you Helen or are you an illusion?

B: Yes, it really is me and I haven’t seen you for years!

illusion n. 1. 幻想,错误的观念;2. 错觉,幻觉,假象

A: Your essay was very imaginative but lacking detail>

B: But you did say, Sir, that you wanted us to be creative.

imaginative a. 富有想象力的,爱想象的

A: Is that the real painting or just an imitation?

B: No, it is just a copy.

imitation n. 1. 模仿;2. 仿制,仿制品;3. 赝品

A: You are always immersed in a book.

B: I love reading, I can’t help it.

immerse vt. 1. 使沉浸;2. (in) 使沉浸在,使专心于

A: My departure will be imminent.

B: Then why are you still standing here!

imminent a. 即将发生的,临近的,逼近的

A: My grandfather is so old that he thinks that he in immortal.

B: Well, maybe he is!

immortal a. 1. 长生的,不死的;2. 不朽的,流芳百世的

n. 1. 神仙;2. 不朽人物

A: Try not to get ill.

B: Don’t worry, I am immune to disease!

immune a. 1. 免疫的,有免疫力的;2. (to) 不受影响的;3. (from) 免除的,豁免的