The Young Thief and His Mother Long ago, there were a mother and a son living in a house. She worked hard everyday, but they were always poor.

One day, her son stole his friend's bag. "Mom, what do you think of this bag?" His mother praised her son rather than scolding him. "It looks great!" The next time, he stole an overcoat.

She praised him again when he stole it. A few years later, he grew up to be a young man. He stole jewelry and brought them to his mother. "How beautiful!" This time, she did not scold her son again. Then, because he was elated by his mother, he started to steal more expensive things.

One day, the police caught him. Before putting him in jail, he begged the police to meet his mother. They took him to his mother. As soon as he saw his mother, he bit her earlobe. "Ouch! What's the matter with you?" She finally scolded him. Her son answered. "If you had given me a scolding like that when I stole the first bag, I could not have become a thief." She collapsed as she looked at her son heading to prison. "If I only could turn back time, I would scold him severely." She regretted that she always praised him, whatever he did.

小偷和他的年轻妈妈 很久以前,有一个母亲和儿子住在一所房子。她每天都努力 工作,但他们始终贫困。

有一天,她的儿子偷了他朋友的袋子。 “妈,你怎么看这个 包的?”他的母亲受表扬而不是骂他, 她的儿子。“这看起来很棒!” 下一次,他偷了一件大衣。他儿子偷这个的时候,她又表扬 了他。 几年后,他成长为一名年轻男子。他偷了珠宝,交给他母亲。 “真漂亮!”这一次,她并没有骂她的儿子。 然后,因为他认为他的母亲高兴,他开始偷更昂贵的东西。

有一天,警察抓到他。他将在监狱前,他恳求警察,见一下他的母亲。他们把他带到他母亲面前。 当他看到他的母亲,他咬了她耳垂。 “哎哟!怎么回事呀?” 她终于骂他。她的儿子回答说。 “如果你在我偷第一个包的时候 这样责骂我的话,我就不会成为一个小偷了。” 当她看到她的儿子走进监狱的时候,她内心崩溃了。 “如果真的可以时光倒流,我会严厉责骂他。”她感到遗憾的是她总是称 赞他,无论他做了什么。