Hint: Mr. Wells
"Okay, I've collapsed the results into three categories. It's no coincidence; the majority favors this coarse change in policy just as you said. Well Mr. Wells, I guess that there was really no need for us to collaborate on this issue. We have failed. We coined several good slogans. Several collocations were brilliant. And the coherence of our arguments was sound. But we have just collided with reality! They want a coed university!" "Okay. admit defeat." Sighed Mr. Wells. "Let's take this collection of surveys to the library. Oh, watch out! We just avoided a major collision with that biker. Ah well, maybe students will remember some of our coinages later in life." "Yes, but they'll probably remember and laugh. We're in for a lot of change, Mr. Wells, a lot of change! "
,“好啦,我已经把调查结果分成三大类。大部分人都如你所说,同意对政策做粗俗的改变,这不是巧合。威尔士先生,我看咱们没必要在这个问题上合作了。咱们输了。我们杜撰了几句不错的口号,有些搭配相当精彩,论点也条理清楚!可是我们的做法就是和现实发生了冲突!他们想要一所男女同校的大学!” “好吧,我承认失败了。”威尔士先生直叹气,“我们把这批收集到的调查表拿到图书馆去吧。啊,小心!刚才我们差点儿和那个骑自行车的撞了个正着。嗯,学生们也许以后会记住一些我们创造的新词。” “是啊,不过他们可能会记住并笑话我们。我们肯定会有翻天覆地的变化,威尔士先生,翻天覆地的变化!”