Hint: Mary Jack
I'm glad also that you climaxed with your preparation right before the test. In the future, just remember that your clients will be real, not made of clay." "Hey." Said Mary as she grabbed Jack's arm. "I also imagined hearing classical music in my head like you recommended. That really put me at peace." "That's great. If you passed you will now have clearance to work in real clinical situations. Just cling to the knowledge you have gained and you' 11 be fine." Mary smiled and looking into Jack's eyes said, "Thanks again so much. You really helped. Hey, do you want to get a bite to eat?""I’d love to." Jack replied as Mary slipped her arm in his and they walked happily out of the hospital's side entrance.
真高兴考试前的准备使你达到了最佳状态。将来你一定要记住你的病人是真人而不是黏土做的假人。” “嗨,”玛丽抓住杰克的胳膊说,“我还像你建议的那样想像自己在听古典音乐,这一招真的让我镇定了不少。” “太棒了!你如果通过了考试,就能得到许可在真正的临床环境中工作。紧紧抓住你所掌握的知识,你肯定会一切顺利。” 玛丽笑了,她看着杰克的眼睛说,“再次感谢你,你真的帮了大忙。嘿,想吃点儿什么吗?” “好啊。”杰克答道。玛丽悄悄挽起他的手臂,俩人高高兴兴地走出了医院的侧门。