hints 听写单词及短语 共有2处连字符 有和前面几期重复的单词 需要听写 something 不要写成sth.
truancy discipline self-discipline enlightening formative years botany astronomy cultivate foster nurture promote the student's physical psychological soundness well-being welfare give the students motivation to do something motivate the students to do something adolescence impart inculcate knowledge instill high moral values give the students inspiration student's grasp or command of what has been taught
逃学 学科 纪律 自制力 很有启发的 成型的阶段 植物学 天文学 培养 促进学生身心发展 给学生动力 传授知识 灌输高尚的道德观 给学生灵感 学生对老师所教知识的掌握