Hint: Mark
Mark met his father for the first time at the centennial celebration of the cathedral's construction. Mark was catering for the celebrity-filled ceremony when he heard a caustic voice. There, standing only three meters away was a man with a catching young woman. He was talking on his cellular phone about delivering some certificate as soon as possible. "No, we need it now. How can we celebrate without the main award? Yes. I know the Bishop has been censured officially, but this event is not about him. I run the biggest cement company in Germany... no, not a ceramic company, you idiot! ... and I am the presiding president of the central committee. You get that certificate here now, or you will cease to have your job. Do you understand? Don't make this a catastrophe or I'll make your life hell!"
在大教堂建成一百周年的庆祝活动上,马克第一次见到了他的父亲。当时,马克正在为名流云集的庆典提供食物,忽然他听到了尖利刺人的声音。那边,就在离他只有三米远的地方,站着一个男人,身边还有个迷人的年轻女人。男人正对着蜂窝式移动电话讲话,说是要尽快送个什么证书。 “不,我们现在就要。没有主要奖品,我们怎么庆祝?是的,我知道主教受到了官方指责,但这个活动不是为他举办的。我在德国经营最大的水泥公司......不,不是陶瓷制品公司,你这个白痴!......我可是中央委员会主持工作的主席。你现在就把证书给我送过来,要不你就会停职了。明白吗?你别给我捅娄子,否则我让你吃不了兜着走!”