Hint: Lucy
Some, in their hunger for meat, even cannibalized some of their own. They were capable of anything, the captain thought, just as I am. He catalogued this thought in his head like an entry in a capsule to be viewed at another time. The caption he placed in his head under this thought was, 'animals with unlimited capacity'. Then he looked at Lucy. She was beautiful and over the last several weeks of traveling across the desert he saw that she had a truly carefree spirit. This attracted him and he canceled his ownership of her to make him his wife. Lucy loved him in return. The captain's caption for Lucy was "capacity to forgive and love her captor." It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
由于太想吃肉了,有些动物甚至吃掉了一些自己的同类。它们可真是无所不能,队长心想,就像我一样。他把这个想法记在了脑子里,就像是一条以后再看的要点。他在脑子里给这个想法写下的说明是:“能力无限的动物。” 然后他看了看露西。她很美,经过过去几个星期的沙漠旅行,他发现她真的是无忧无虑。这一点儿吸引了他,于是他取消了自己对她的主人身份,娶她为妻。露西同样也爱着队长。从长对露西的说明是“宽恕及热爱俘获者的能力”。一段美满的姻缘从此开始了。