A total of 24 tourists have been rescued after they fell into a river from a tilted suspension bridge at a popular tourist town in central China on Wednesday night.

They had been sent to hospitals and only two who suffered from minor injuries remained in hospital for further observation, according to the government of Fenghuang county, Hunan Province.

About 40 people, who returned from a bonfire party, were on the bridge when the bridge floor suddenly tilted in Fenghuang at around 9:10 p.m., the county's deputy head Cai Long told Xinhua.

More than 20, including children and elderly people, fell into the 1.2-meter-deep river water, Cai said, citing eyewitnesses.

A total of 15 people managed to climb onto the river bank on their own, Cai said.

Search and rescue work is still underway to ensure no one was left out, the county government said.

The county authorities have ordered all hotels and inns in Fenghuang to check if all the guests have returned.

All bonfire parties and other leisure programs in the town have been suspended for safety checkups.

Wednesday marks the end of the three-day May Day holiday.