Hint: Antarctic Jerry Sprainer
Some antagonism still remains among a few annoying old-timers that we all still love, honor and respect, but we all anticipate a bright future for animation on computers. Anyway, I would now like to announce the beginning of a new animation movie project set in the Antarctic that will continue to merge traditional and computer animation. This project has full funding, will test even newer technology and, while the story is still only anecdotal, anticipation is great. We hope to annihilate other movies released in competition with this project at the box office. Anyhow, if there are no further announcements, and before they pull me off the stage, I would like to introduce our main speaker, a man for whom there is no apathy, Mr. Jerry Sprainer.
少数几个大家仍然爱戴、尊重和敬仰同时又很讨厌的守旧者还是存有敌对情绪,可我们都期望电脑动画有一个美好的未来。无论如何,现在我要宣布,一部新的动画电影即将在南极洲开拍,它将继续使传统动画与电脑动画相结合。这部电影拍摄资金充足,将试验更新的技术,尽管故事仍然只是趣闻轶事,但大家都寄予了厚望。我们希望在票房收入上一举打败与它竞争的其他影片。 不管怎样,如果没有其他的事情要宣布,在他们赶我下台之前,我要介绍我们的重要发言人-----没有人会对他无动于衷的杰里·斯普兰纳先生!