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I'd been looking round for some time, but it wasn't until I went to see a recruitment consultant that I began to focus my aims. I suppose it's not surprising. I was doing so many different things that it was actually quite hard to work out what the core of the job was, but it was certainly at some distance from what I'd spent so long studying, and the consultant helped me to realise my dissatisfaction came from under-using that background. So I do feel a lot more focused here. One drawback, I guess, is the failure to make the most of all the IT, so that, for example, I end up sitting here emailing away to colleagues who can't even be bothered to reply or react. Well, I'd been convinced for quite a while that my old company wasn't moving in the right direction. But of course it was only me that seemed to think so, everyone else was perfectly happy trundling along. So I was delighted when this opportunity came up, the chance to properly investigate market trends, even if it meant a greater number of trips.