1. Work ethic. Make sure to weave your thoughts about how important the company's mission and vision are to you and explain why you're willing to go the extra mile to help the organization succeed. One way of evaluating candidates is that past performance is a predictor of future results. Describe how you always complete projects efficiently and on-time, why you're punctual and persistent and how you balance your drive to succeed with the company's goals.
1. 职业道德。好好想想企业的使命和愿景对你有多么重要,并解释为什么你愿意为了公司的成功而付出更多。评估候选人的方式之一是通过以前的表现预测将来的结果。描述你是如何高效、及时地完成项目、为什么你守时有毅力,以及你是如何在公司目标和个人发展中找到平衡的。

2. Positive attitude. Give examples of how you improved employee morale in a past position, or how your positive attitude helped motivate your colleagues or those you managed. Some people are naturally bubbly and always upbeat. Others have a more tame and low-energy demeanor. If you tend to be more low-key, smile when you shake the interviewer's hand and add some intonation and expression to your responses. Make sure you aren't boring, or you could lose your chance to be hired.
2. 态度积极。举例表明你在过去的工作中如何提高员工士气,或者你积极的态度如何帮助激励你的同事或下属。有些人天生活泼,总是乐观向上。其他人会更沉闷、更无精打采。如果你是个低调的人,和面试官握手时保持微笑,回答时加些语调和表情。确保你不会给面试官“无聊”的印象,不然你会失去被雇佣的机会。

3. Communication skills. Your interview is a great opportunity to demonstrate how well you communicate, so be sure you prepare and practice responses to showcase your best skills. Provide examples of materials you created or campaigns you developed in past positions.
3. 沟通技巧。面试是展示你沟通能力的绝佳机会,所以要好好准备和练习以便展示你最好的沟通技能。举例说明在过去的职位中的成就,比如开发过什么材料,策划过什么活动等。

4. Time management. This is a crucial skill many employers seek in their hires. It's especially important for candidates who want to work in a startup to know how to manage their time, tasks and responsibilities effectively. Be prepared to explain how you prioritize the most important items first, delegate the items that others can do and figure out a way to get things done in the confines of your resources on the job.
4. 时间管理(点此查看时间管理通关班>>)。这是很多雇主在招聘时寻求的关键技能。对想在一家刚起步的公司工作的应聘者来说,知道如何有效管理时间、任务和职责是特别重要的。准备好解释你如何优先处理最重要的项目、把项目委派给有能力的人以及如何在资源有限的情况下找出方法完成任务。

5. Self confidence. You can demonstrate self confidence at the interview by the way you present yourself, including how you dress for the interview, the way you approach to shake hands and how you speak about your experiences during the interview. Make direct eye contact when speaking with strangers. Listen to your own voice—is it shrill or timid? Rehearse speaking in a more confident-sounding voice. Don't forget about your body language, which is one of the first ways employers will gauge your confidence levels.
5. 自信。你可以通过在面试时的表现,包括如何着装、握手以及谈论过去经历来体现自信。和陌生人说话时直视对方。听自己的声音——是尖锐的或是胆小的?练习用更自信的声音说话。不要忘记你的肢体语言,它是雇主衡量你信心高低的首要方法之一。





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