450)this.width=450"> 大学英语精读是教育部推荐使用大学外语教材,1800词为起点,旨在帮助大学本科各专业学生进一步打下扎实的语言基础。按照所读的内容听写下来即可,不用分段噢,每篇课文分2~3次发送~ tips:为避免标点复杂,所有对话中的“”:都用,代替。 Tomas A.Edison
But what about its odds and ends the odd moments? Many giants in science or art have made huge successes for themselves in the world mainly because they have made best use of their odd moments. Take Tomas A.Edison, while he was earning his living by tapping out messages, he did not allow his odd moments to slip by. He thought, he planned, and he tried between messages. And he succeeded in working out a lot of things entirely new to the world. By fully using his odd moments, he provided valuable wealth for the modern world. Think of the odd quarter of an hour in the morning before breakfast, the odd half an hour after dinner, and the odd moments in the washroom or between classes. Remember the chances to read or think that come now and again during the day. Make full use of them, and you may find, as many big businesses have found, that the real profit is in using the odds and ends.