450)this.width=450"> 大学英语精读是教育部推荐使用大学外语教材,1800词为起点,旨在帮助大学本科各专业学生进一步打下扎实的语言基础。按照所读的内容听写下来即可,不用分段噢,每篇课文分2~3次发送~ tips:为避免标点复杂,所有对话中的“”:都用,代替。
He does not talk or laugh loudly in public. However, different countries have different manners. When you enter a house in some Asian countries, it is good manners to take off your shoes. In European countries, even though shoes sometimes become very dirty, this is not done. In Japan, the guest and host bow each other. But in some other countries they only nod or shake hands. A guest in a Chinese house never finishes a drink. He leaves a little to show that he has had enough. In England a guest always finishes a drink to show that he was enjoyed it. But no matter how different the manners are, people all over the world agree that good manners really mean to be kind and helpful to others, especially those older or weaker than ourselves. If you remember this, you will not go very far wrong.