450)this.width=450"> 大学英语精读是教育部推荐使用大学外语教材,1800词为起点,旨在帮助大学本科各专业学生进一步打下扎实的语言基础。按照所读的内容听写下来即可,不用分段噢,每篇课文分两次发送~
There are about fifteen hundred languages in the world. But only a few of them are very important . English is one of these. Many many people use it, not only in England and the USA, but also in the other parts of the world. About 200 million speak it as their own language. It is difficult to say how many people are learning it as a foreign language. Many millions are trying to do so. Is it easy or difficult to learn English? Different people may have different answers. Have you ever noticed ads of this kind in the newspapers or magazines? Learn English in six weeks, or your money back easy and fun our records and tapes help you master your English in a month. From the first day your pronunciation will be excellent. Just send of course, it never happens quite like that.
世界上大约有1500种语言,但是只有一部分的语言是很重要的,英语就是其中之一。世界上有许多的人使用英语,不仅仅是英国人和美国人,也包括世界上其他地区的人们。大约有两亿的人是以英语为母语的,数以百万计的人们也想如此。学英语简单还是难呢?不同的人有不同的回答。你又没有在杂志或者报纸上注意过这类广告,六周学会英语或者一个月内通过我们的卡带掌握英语,第一天你的发音就会完美无比。但事实并非如此。 ——译文来自: 麦穗田田