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Have you ever heard of the aphorism, "Procrastination is the thief of time "? I think it applies to me. I need to start thinking about a job for which I have apposite skills. I think it would appease my parents if I do so this summer. Otherwise, I'll have to make an apology to them for borrowing money again. Should I be a chef? It would be fun to appease the appetites of hungry people. But I don't even know how to operate the simple appliances in my kitchen! Maybe I can appraise property for a real estate company. How hard can it be to make an appraisal? But I'd have to be good at observing the appreciable differences between various properties. Perhaps I should be a criminal lawyer. I could use my big sad eyes to appeal to the judges for mercy. However, I don't think my parents would appreciate my choice. Defending murderers and thieves would appall them. What about being a policeman! I could apprehend criminals and put them in prison. I can imagine the warm feelings of appreciation I would get for saving someone's life. On second thought, I don't think I can be an applicant for a position that involves guns. I could be a politician. I'd have the power to appoint people to positions of importance. But then I'd have to make really difficult decisions like how to apportion our limited water supply. What I'd really like to be is an NBA basketball player like Michael Jordan. He's the apotheosis of athletes. Everyone applauds his amazing skills. But I should be more realistic, shouldn't I? I think I’d better start with a simpler job. This summer, I'll submit an application to McDonald's!
你听说过“拖延是时间的盗贼”这句格言么?我想这句话对我来说非常适用。我得开始考虑我能胜任的适当工作了。我想如果我今年夏天就开始考虑,我父母一定会倍感宽慰。否则,我就得为再次向他们借钱而道歉。 我该做个厨师么?满足饥饿者的胃口会很有趣。但我连自家的厨房里的最简单的用具都不会使! 也许我可以为一家房地产公司做资产评估。做评估有什么难的?不过,我的有本事观察出不同财产间的明显差别。 也许我该当个刑事律师。我可以用我那双忧虑的大眼睛恳求法官的宽恕。但父母不会理解我的选择。为杀人犯和小偷辩护会把他们吓得魂不附体的。 当个警察怎么样?我可以逮捕小偷,把他们关进监狱。我能想象到再挽救某人性命后备受感激的温暖感觉。考虑再三,我想我还是别申请要使枪的工作好。 我可以做个政治家。我将拥有任命重要官职的权力。但我还得做出一些确实困难的决定,比如如何分配我们有限的水资源供应量。 我的真实想法是成为迈克·乔丹似的NBA选手。乔丹是所有运动员的完美典范。每个人都为他惊人的球技欢呼。不过我应该现实点儿,对吧? 我想我还是先干点容易的活儿算了。今年夏天,我会向麦当劳递一份求职申请。