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Good morning everyone. I'd like to make a few remarks. Let me start by saying, I think the merger is a good idea. If we amalgamate our two small businesses, we can create a more powerful one. With our increased size and financial power, we can amass new investors and raise ample funds to renovate the old hotel. We can attract more guests by adding amenities, like a swimming pool, and planting more greenery to create a peaceful ambience. To make it even more special, we can build a special walkway that will allow people to amble amid the trees. The result of our ambitious project will amaze the community. After we finish the renovations, we can take photos and post them on our Internet site. My brother is an amateur photographer and a very amenable individual. I'm sure he won't charge us for taking photos, as long as we keep the amount of photos down to a reasonable number. Then, before opening the new hotel, we'll need to hire and train a new staff of amicable people. We don't want anyone who is ambivalent towards the concept of "personal services'. Such ambivalence is bad for business. We want people who are hardworking and amiable. We'll also need a manager who has enough ambition to keep the hotel running efficiently. Okay. For those of you suffering from temporary amnesia, recall that we must vote to amend the company's by-laws before we can initiate the merger of our two companies. So let's vote. Everyone in favor of the amendment, say "aye!"
诸位早上好,我来说几句。首先, 我认为合并是件好事。如果将我们两家小企业合并起来,就能创造出一个实力更为雄厚的大企业。随着企业规模的扩大和资金力量的增强,我们将征集新的投资者,筹集到足够的资金,将我们的饭店整修一新。为了吸引更多的客人,我们还要添置游泳池等娱乐设施,多种些花草树木,营造出一个安静祥和的氛围。为了让饭店变得更为独特,我们可以在树林里修一条走道,这样客人们就能在林中漫步了。这一雄心勃勃的项目定能创造出令世人惊叹的成果。 整修完毕后,我们可以拍些照片贴到网站上。我哥哥是名业余的摄影师,又是个言听计从的人。我相信他一定会为我们免费拍照,只要照片数量合理就行。 然后,在开放新饭店之前,我们需要召集一些友善的新员工,并对其进行培训。我们不会聘用任何对“个人服务”这一概念持矛盾态度的人,因为这种矛盾态度对饭店经营不利。我们需要既勤劳又和气的人。我们还需要一位经理,他应该有足够的雄心壮志,使饭店高效运作。 好了,那些患暂时性健忘的人要记住在两家企业搞合并前,我们必须要以投票方式修改公司章程,所以现在进行表决。所有赞成修改章程的,请说“赞成”!