Whether you call them lessons of life, facts of life or truths of life, there are certain universal truths of life that we generally cannot escape facing all our lives. Rather than fighting them, if we learn to accept them, we can unlock the secret of being happy all the time. Check out these 5 crucial truths of life you need to know to be happy.

1. What goes around, comes around

If you haven’t learnt this yet, you better start accepting the fact that your Karma is going to hit you back like a rock. ‘What goes around, comes around’ means if you do good, good things are going to happen to you. Understanding and appreciating the fact that hurting someone is only going to hurt you back in one form or the other, is the first secret to finding true happiness in life.
如果你还没有过这样的遭遇,最好现在开始就提高意识:因果报应犹如滚石。“善有善报、恶有恶报” 就是说,你若行善,善事也会临幸于你。所以,你要明白:伤害别人最终只会使自己在某种程度上受害。这样想的话,生活会简单快乐很多。

2. God helps those who help themselves

God, luck and fortune comes to those who help themselves. That’s right, folks. The idea of God helping people arises only after people work hard to get what they want. This is a truth that you need to know in life to be happy because we are all rewarded by God when we put in genuine hard work to achieve our goals – whether it is in the form of luck, fortune, happiness or love. So before wishing for something in your next prayer, we suggest you try and put in some of your own hard work first.

3. There are no free lunches in life

You may have used this truth of life as an idiom in your conversation before but have you realized that this is a truth that you need to know? The real meaning behind this fact of life is that we should not expect anything from anyone without a cost. Whether that cost is in the form of effort, persistence, money, knowledge, skill or simply sheer hard work, is a different thing. You will find true happiness in life once you get rid of expectations.

4. Nothing is impossible

Of course, if you want to learn how to fly, we’d say that is impossible. But with genuine efforts, each and every one of us can achieve just about anything we desire! Are you wondering how this is linked with happiness? It’s simple. If you infuse the belief that you can achieve anything by channelizing your mind and energy with proper effort, you will surely succeed at the goals that you set. And we all know successful people are happier in life, don’t we? That’s the reason why this is a truth you need to know in life to be happy.

5. You are unique and you should stop trying to be someone else

Do you think that that someone else in your workplace, office, college or school is way too cool or more attractive than you are? Remember friends that you are a unique individual and no other person on the face of this planet can be like you. This is a truth you need to know in life to be happy because you will be ruining your happiness and joy if you try to be like others. Make people like you for who you are, not for who you can be.