Anil Kapoor has signed up to a new project provisionally titled Indian Sherlock.

The actor will team up with Shopgirl director Anand Tucker.

He told Hindustan Times: "Indian Sherlock is not going to be the title; it's just tentative. I love this project and am looking forward to working on it."

The Race 2 star has also begun production on his Indian adaptation of the television drama 24.

Kapoor added: "The shooting for 24 is going well. We're shooting from 7pm to 8am every day.

"When you do such things, you don't [worry about the audience]. You like a story and you go about bringing it to the screen. You have to believe in it to make it work."

He recently said that making the Indian 24 is the biggest responsibility of his career so far.

In December, Kapoor said that he expects Indian audiences to give the show a good reception.


在热门英剧《神探夏洛克》大热后,我们迎来了美国版的福尔摩斯《基本演绎法》。而印度版的福尔摩斯也马上要来了!印度著名演员Anil Kapoor将饰演Sherlock一角。印度版的新片名暂未确定。

Anil Kapoor为印度著名演员,曾在印度出演超过100部宝莱坞电影,包括奥斯卡获奖影片《贫民窟的百万富翁》,还曾出演过英剧《皮囊》Skins和美剧《24小时》。