21. share a common outlook 有共同的观点

When individuals share a similar interest and a common outlook on life, the friendships will be sustainable development.

22. six of one and half-a-dozen of the other 半斤八两;没什么区别

If popularization remains at the same level for ever, won't the educators and those being educated be six of one and half a dozen of the other?

23. stick around 在附近逗留或等待

If she is in such a bad mood, maybe we shouldn't stick around anymore.

24. stick with 继续做,坚持

It's easy to do anything if you stick with it.

25. straighten out 扯平;结清

He did not know how to straighten out this mess.

26. toss and turn (身体)翻来覆去(通常表示难以入睡)

It's possible that nightly nicotine withdrawal could be causing you to toss and turn.

27. turn one's back (在别人遇到困难时)不愿帮助

One should never turn his back on his home country.

28. under the weather 身体不适,生病

Johnny is not coming to the office today; he phoned to say that he is feeling somewhere under the weather.
约翰尼今天不打算来上班了; 他打电话来说他感到不大舒服。

29. bite off more than one can chew 贪多嚼不烂;心有余而力不足;不自量力;力不从心

One can't bite off more than one can chew in reading or doing any work.

30. break new ground 创新

In the last few weeks, Member States reached landmark agreements on issues that strengthen our collective defences and break new ground in tackling long-standing problems.

31. do the trick 做成功;达到理想的结果

If your friends are too busy to meet for lunch, a short phone call can do the trick.

32. drag one's feet 行动缓慢;磨磨蹭蹭不情愿

For every day we wait or point our fingers or drag our feet, more Americans will lose their jobs.

33. draw the line 拒绝,拒不容忍

Some people draw the line at talking about their children.

34. feel down in the dumps 心情不好;情绪低落

I burned midnight oil yesterday. So I feel down in the dumps today.

35. few and far between 不多;少而分散的;不常碰到或发现的;稀少的

The people who were genuinely and unconditionally happy for me to succeed were few and far between.

36. fit as a fiddle 身体很健康

He is as fit as a fiddle though he is already seventy.

37. grin and bear 任劳任怨;毫无怨言地忍受

You must grin and bear it.

38. hit the spot (特指吃了食物,喝了饮料之后)精神完全恢复过来或感到满足;恢复精力;提精神

My mother is very good at cooking. Her dishes always hit the spot.

39. keep between the two of us 不让第三者知道,保密

We'll keep this matter between the two of us.

40. know a thing or two about 略知一二

I know a thing or two about it.