1. “Tell me about how you handled a conflict situation you encountered
1. “告诉我遇到冲突你是如何处理的。”

“I sat down with the other person and asked him to discuss his issues with me. I then gave my side of the story”

2. “What books or magazines do you read?”
2. “你平常看哪些书或杂志?”

“A trade journal relevant to the company’s line of business”

3. “What motivates you?”
3. “什么东西能激励你?”

“A challenge and interesting work”

4.“Where do you plan to be in five years time?”
4. “5年后你计划自己达到什么高度?”

“Your company structure makes me hope I could become a staff engineer”

5.”What changes have you made in your life that you are most proud of?”
5. “最令你骄傲的改变是什么?”

“I went back to college to study for my MBA”

6. “What are your salary requirements?”

“Salary is not my primary consideration but I do have to pay the bills, so I am open to any reasonable offer”

7. “What are some of your major weaknesses?”

“I am generally nervous giving presentations but, with preparation, I have found I am much more confident”

8 “Are you being interviewed by any other companies?”

“I do have some other options, in this particular field, but this company is my first choice”

9. ”If you had to compare yourself with any animal; which one would it be and why?“
9. “如果把你自己比作动物,你会选择哪个,并说说原因?”

“A lion because although they are independent, they also work well within their group”

10. “Describe how a sport or hobby taught you a lesson in teamwork?”
10. “有没有一项运动或爱好让你学会了团队合作?”

“When I was at college my basketball coach taught me to pass the ball, if it was to my team’s advantage. So now I always look out for my team mates”