It's easy to get caught up in stress and to be hard on yourself when it comes to work, finance, and relationships, but the best way to stay happy and healthy is to lighten up a little bit. Here are three ways to cut yourself some slack in the holiday:

1. Schedule time for yourself. In between work commitments and everyday errands, it can be tough to find time for the things that fulfill you. Still, it's crucial let yourself indulge. Whether it's exercise, spa treatments, lunch dates, or just 10 minutes to sit and breathe. Even tiny moments of joy will have an impact on your mind-set.
1. 自己规划时间。在工作要求与日常琐事间,找时间做自己的事非常困难。但是,让你自己沉浸在喜欢的事中是非常重要的。不管是运动、温泉疗法、午餐约会,还是仅仅花10分钟时间坐下来,调整呼吸节奏,即使是短暂的欢乐时光也会对心态产生影响。

2. Use your vacation days. Companies want enthusiastic employees, so take advantage of your benefits package and schedule a vacation early in the year. With a trip to look forward to, you'll find yourself energized and more satisfied with your workplace. After your break, you'll return to the office with a calmer spirit and the drive to do better — especially since greater success usually means extra days off.
2. 使用休假日。公司希望有热情的员工,所以好好利用福利制度,一年里尽早计划休假。有可以期盼的假期,你会发现自己充满活力,对工作场所也会更满意。在休假过后,你会以更平和的心态回到办公室,也更有动力做得更好,做得更好通常意味着享有额外的假期。

3. Forgive your mistakes. Everyone messes up at one time or another, so try to recognize the oversight and move on. You'll learn from your faults so that you can do better next time. Plus, if you're not slipping up every once in a while, then you're probably not taking risks. Allow yourself the space to be wrong and applaud yourself for taking chances.
3. 原谅自己的错误。每个人都会犯几次错误,所以试着记住过失,继续向前走吧。你会从错误中学习,这样下次就能做得更好。另外,如果你不偶尔犯些错误,你也就没法承担风险。让你自己有犯错的空间,为自己能够抓住机会而鼓掌。