Filmmaker George Lucas and his girlfriend of seven years, businesswoman Mellody Hobson, are engaged.

This marriage will be Lucas's second and Hobson's first. The couple has been together for seven years. According to Lucas, he met his 43-year-old fiancé at a business conference in 2006 and they began dating shortly thereafter.

The famed director, 68, and his longtime partner and president of a big-time Chicago-based investment management firm, Ariel Investments LLC, 43, are no strangers to showcasing their relationship in the spotlight. The pair are often spotted hand-in-hand on the red carpet, everywhere from the Cannes Film Festival to Formula One Grand Prix races to the NAACP awards.
乔治·卢卡斯,68岁,著名导演;麦勒迪·霍布森,43岁,芝加哥著名投资公司Ariel Investments LLC公司总裁。他们俩交往已久,在公开场合从来都不避讳彼此的关系,经常成双成对出席红地毯。从戛纳电影节、到F1方程式锦标赛、到有色人种民权促进协会,到处都有他们的身影。

Lucas recently made headlines after donating $4 billion to an education foundation -- the amount he received after selling Lucasfilm Ltd. (which Lucas solely owned) to Disney.

Now that's quite the power couple. Congratulations!