What would you do if you saw a good Samaritan give a homeless man $20 for a bite to eat?

节目介绍:【What Would You Do?】是美国ABC 电视台的一档实镜节目,他们透过隐藏式摄像机以及演技精湛的演员,来观察社会大众在面对争端冲突时,会有什么样的反应?这个节目也是对人性的一种考验,节目组表示希望透过这个节目,来提醒社会大众能够将心比心,在别人需要帮助的时候,不要当个沉默者,为弱者挺身而出。


Helping the Homeless: will anyone defend a homeless man who just wants to buy a meal?


A man makes it clear to the bartender Jeremy it’s meal or no deal.

Two women don’t want a homeless man seated anywhere near them. “I wouldn’t have cared, but he smelled.”

These next two men also give him the cold shoulder. They won’t even look our homeless man Kevin in the face.

A man literally laughs at our homeless Kevin’s misfortune. “Run him through the dishwasher in the back.”
还有一位男士直接跟酒保一起嘲笑Kevin 的不幸。“好脏啊,赶紧把他丢到后面的洗碗机里洗一洗”。

But he buys our homeless a sandwich when he leaves the restaurant. “I’ve had some hard times in my life, and you know, other people were there for me, you know, so… I try and do the same thing.”


“You never have been in a bad shape? You never have needed help? We don’t know what the hell happened to this poor guy. Well, everyone’s been through hard times. And we survive them in some way. And if somebody helps you and gives you a push up, fine.”

What would you do?