The funeral for a girl, who’s been called "the most beautiful bride" was held on Thursday. She is best remembered for supporting victims in Yushu county in Qinghai province after an earthquake struck the region in 2010.

It’s the last chance for these heart-broken people to see her.

25-year-old Li Chenghuan died in a traffic accident on Tuesday during her trip back home after having helped kids in quake-stricken areas.

Her husband survived the accident but now feels endless regret.

Gong Datan, Li Chenghuan's Husband, said, "I’m so sorry, I should have protected her better. "

Li was a teacher in Lanzhou, Gansu province. Three days after the quake struck IN 2010, the young couple rented a car and drove a thousand kilometers to the disaster area. And for the next two years, she kept delivering clothes, food and other aid to young quake survivors.

After getting married in October, they decided to use their wedding money, about 30, 000 yuan, which is also their yearly income, to buy things for the children.

But sadly, tragedy struck when they were returning home. Li, who was pregnant, died in a car accident.

People from all walks of life came in the early morning to pay tribute on her.

"We can touch her spirit."

"I feel so proud for having worked with her as a volunteer."

"We’re here to say farewell to her."

"We will fulfill her unaccomplished dream."

That probably would have been Li’s dream too, for people to finish what she started, helping those most in need.