Fox has pushed back the premiere date of Touch again. Season 2 of the Kiefer Sutherland drama will now kick off with a two-hour premiere on Friday, Feb. 8 at 8/7c, the network announced Wednesday.
Fox电视网再次推迟了《触摸未来》第二季的首播时间。Fox电视网周三宣布,这部Kiefer Sutherland主演的《触摸未来》第二季首播将会是2小时特别篇。

In the series' sophomore season, Sutherland's Martin Bohm and his clairvoyant son Jake (David Mazouz) are on the lam in Los Angeles, trying to help Mario Bello's character, Lucy, find her daughter Amelia, who has a gift similar to Jake's.
《触摸未来》D第二季中,Sutherland扮演的Martin Bohm和他能看到未来的儿子Jake逃到了洛杉矶,他们会想办法帮Mario Bello扮演的角色Lucy找到她女儿Amelia,而Amelia是和Jake一样有预见未来能力的。

Touch was originally supposed to kick off its second season in October, but got pushed back initially to Feb. 1.