Downton Abbey finished its third season on U.K. commercial broadcaster ITV1 on Sunday with a season-high ratings performance, bringing to an end what the network says was the highest-rated season of the show to-date when including some delayed same-day viewing.
周日晚上,《唐顿庄园》(Downton Abbey)第三季在英国商业广播电视台ITV1以本季收视率最高的一集完美收官,并据电视台称第三季也是是该剧迄今为止收视最高的一季。

The costume drama drew a peak audience of 10.7 million and an average viewership of 10.1 million when including viewers on ITV1+1, a catch-up network that re-airs shows with an hour delay. At the end of September, the show had reached a then-season high of 10.0 million average viewers. "Downton bows out with a series high - peak of 10.7m (av 10.1m)," an ITV spokeswoman tweeted on Monday.

ITV also said that the third season of the drama, which in the U.S. will start on PBS in January, averaged 9.7 million viewers when including delayed viewing on the same day, for example via DVR. That makes it the highest-rated season so far, it highlighted. Season one had averaged 8.4 million viewers, followed by an average of 9.5 million for season two.

The Sunday average rating made Downton the biggest show of the night, but in terms of peak viewership, The X Factor, also on ITV1, beat it with 10.9 million. The music competition show drew an average of 9.2 million viewers on Sunday. Again, the figures included viewership on ITV1+1.
周日的平均收视使得《唐顿庄园》成为了当晚的的大赢家,但谈到最高收视人数,同样在ITV1播出的《英国偶像》(The X Factor)以1090万略胜一筹。这个音乐竞赛节目在周日平均收视达到了920万。同样,这个数字也包括了ITV1+1的观众。

BBC's celebrity dance show Strictly Come Dancing continued to beat X Factor on both weekend nights in terms of average audience figures. It drew an average of 9.6 million on Sunday, but its 10.4 million peak came in slightly below X Factor.
而BBC的明星舞蹈秀《舞动奇迹》(Strictly Come Dancing)在周末两晚的平均收视人数都超过了《英国偶像》,其周日的平均收视为960万,但最高收视为1040万,略低于《英国偶像》。

On Saturday, X Factor had reached an average audience of 7.8 million, with a peak viewership of 8.6 million. Strictly had recorded an average audience of 9.8 million, with a peak viewership of 10.8 million.

On Sunday, U.K. tabloids had written about a health scare for Downton Abbey star Maggie Smith.
周日,英国小报报道《唐顿庄园》女星玛姬·史密斯(Maggie Smith)健康可能出现状况。

But a spokesperson for the actress said: "Reports in the Sunday Mirror and Mail On Sunday that Maggie Smith has been rushed to hospital with a heart scare are untrue. She is fine and well and at home."