Making sure you avoid the following 3 “time wasters” will save you lots of time.

Time Waster #1: Not having a “Theme”

Not having a theme for your day, month or year can cause you to waste lots of time.  Why?  Because you will probably attempt too many tasks and get very few done; the key is to focus your days, months and or years solely on your priorities.

Maybe you want to take a day and focus on organizing your house, or take a year and focus primarily on getting in shape or creating a prosperous mind, but keep your focus single.  You will accomplish more when you have singleness of purpose.


Time Waster #2: Chatting on the telephone at “Inopportune Times”

I have specific times that I will answer my phone, if someone calls outside of those hours, I will return their call when it’s most convenient for me.  You can waste a lot of valuable time just “shooting the breeze” at inopportune times.

There’s nothing wrong with “chatting on the phone,” as long as it doesn’t conflict with your other priorities.  It’s important to preserve the times when you are most productive, and dedicate those hours to producing your best results uninterrupted.

Time Waster #3: Watching the News

How many people spend hours a day watching the news, or reading about the news on the Internet?  A lot. Why should you avoid watching the news?

It steals your time from doing more important things; things that will actually enhance your life and make you feel good about yourself.

The Solution

For some, watching the news (or surfing the web for the news) is just a daily habit.  Try replacing that habit with reading a good book or a positive blog.Instead of taking in bad news, take in some positive news, because you are the summation of the information you take in.