It’s hard to imagine Friends concluding one of TV’s mosts with anything other than a happy ending. But that’s almost what happened.

As producer David Crane reveals in this exclusive clip from the Friends Blu-ray set, on sale Nov. 13, there at one time had been talk of concluding Ross and Rachel’s story in a much more open-ended manner. “At first we thought that seems so expected,” he says. The alternative? A “vague” ending with a “hope for the future.”
将会11月13日发行的《老友记》蓝光版中,有一段该剧的制片人David Crane的独家片段,其中他就谈到了Ross和Rachel的故事差点就成了开放式结局了。“最开始我们觉得,Rachel和Ross修成正果这样的结局可能会更加符合大家的期待,”他说。而另一种结局则是相互暧昧展望未来的开放式结局。