Preparing for BEC Vantage Reading

Candidates should
给应试者的建议 attention to the complete meaning of the sentences in Part1
要注意理解阅读第一部分给出的所有句子,每句句子的意思都要做到完全理解。 the whole text in Part2 and try to predict what kind of information is missing from each of the gaps, as working on the extracts before reading the base text is potentially confusing

3.look very carefully at the pronouns that occur in the extracts in Part2. They must refer correctly to the nouns that precede and /or follow the gap in the base text.

4.regularly review their choices in Part2. As they work through the task, a difficulty in finding a particular extract may indicate that they have already used it incorrectly for an earlier gap. Always leave enough time to double check answers against the text.
对于第二部分的选择要养成检查的习惯。在通篇完成这部分答题的时候,应试者可能会发现有些选项已经被用在了之前的空格中了。要留出足够的时间用来检查答案。 attention to the general theme of the paragraphs in Part3
要了解第三部分中每一段的段落大意。 the text and questions very carefully in Part3. Remember that the options A-D in the question may say something very similar, but not the same, in meaning as the text.
第三部分的文章和问题都要仔细阅读。记住每道题下的四个选项看起来都很相似,但在文章中它们表达的意思并不一样。 the question or stem very carefully in Part3. It may be that all of the options occur in the text but only one of them is correct with a particular stem or question.

8.keep vocabulary lists and try to make use of words that are new. This will be particularly useful for Part4

9.look carefully at the sentences in Part5. Is the word chosen followed by a certain preposition or grammatical structure? Does it collocate with the surrounding words?

10.remember that the extra word in Part5 has to be grammatically wrong and not just superfluous

11.write the whole word in Part5 in capital letters and not a mixture of lower and upper case