And now cute music. You know anywhere brings a smile on all of us who grew up on those Peanuts specials and we have something else smile by this morning. Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the whole Peanuts game are coming back to the big screen. And Eve Synskindly has a scoop.

Cute music. The memorable characters.
-Five cents, please.
-Good brief.
And Peanuts fans get ready to laugh or well. In the wake of Tuesday's news that a deal has been made.
-Attention, everyone. Here's our director.
To update Charlie Brown in the game for the 21th century for a new animated feature.
-Lucy, give those customers some strips and pass them out.

We know how dedicated, how fanatical these Peanuts fans are. Have you put them in, you know, the wrong voice, the wrong image, take them in the wrong place, and Charlie Brown and I bet you are gonna hear about it.

It will be the first Peanuts feature film without the input of greater Charles M. Schulz who died in 2000 after bringing his incomparable brand of wheat and will to 50 years of Peanuts strips, films and TV specials.
-At least they care a little bit about me.
This new film is said will be co-writtern by one of Schulz's sons, Craig, who knows he's got big shoes to fill.

All I can do is to make it last as long as I can and be a shoe of my dad as most as I can. I believe the rest of the family is really dedicated to that.

-Just look, that in much serenity is as far as you can see.
The film is set to be released in 2015. That would be the 50th anniversary of the Peabody willing a Charlie Brown Christmas. Good enough news to bring everyone to their feet.

We are Good Morning America, Chris Kindley, ABC news, Los Angeles.


漫画《花生》由美国漫画家查尔斯·M·舒尔茨创作,自1950年10月起连载至2000年2月止,故事围绕“花生帮”(T hePeanuts gang)展开,其中包括我们熟知的可爱小狗史努比。这部被誉为“美国连载漫画典范”的作品曾登上超过2600家报刊,被翻译成21种语言风靡全球75个国家,读者人数达到3.35亿,更为舒尔茨家族带来超过10亿美元的收入。此次蓝天工作室将把包括主人公查理·布朗、史努比以及糊涂塌客在内的全体“花生帮”成员搬上大银幕,而2015年还是原著漫画发表65周年纪念,相信届时史努比风潮将会再度席卷全球。