You get caught up in the business of the day-to-day. You say you don’t have enough time.

Yet, the question isn’t where you are spending your time…But rather, where should you be spending your time?


Often, we think we don’t have a choice about our time. Yet, we always have a choice. Where should you be spending your time?

Here are 10 Things You Should be Choosing to Spend More Time on…

1. Your Family

Our family is the reason that we do so many things in life. Work, jobs, and more. Yet ironically, we then neglect the very people that we are working so hard to provide for. If you don’t spend time with your family, you will lose the chance to spend time with them at all. Many people learn this the hard way.

2. Taking Care of Yourself

I know many people whose professional lives are very extremely successful, but behind the scenes their personal lives are a disaster. This is a house of cards waiting to fall down. And it eventually does. Take care of your personal business first.

3. Exercising

Maintaining your physical health is one of the most important things you can do. Your body allows you to do everything else, keep it in the best shape you can. (And yes, you do have time to workout.)

4. Thinking

When was the last time you just sat and thought? (Very difficult if you have kids…) Quiet thinking time can be magical. It clears our heads and lets us realize what is important to us. Spend some time just thinking. About your goals… where you are… and where you want to go.

5. Writing

I am a big believer that everyone should write. Most people don’t after they leave school. Yet, writing is an invaluable way of clarifying your thinking, expanding your imagination, and stretching your mind. Many people want to write a book… do it. Even if your story is just to keep a journal, practice getting your thoughts out of your head.

6. Playing

When was the last time you played? Played a game. Played for fun. Played just to enjoy time with those that matter to you. (See #1.) Playing renews your energy and boosts all areas of your life.

7. Planning

Everyone needs a plan. Otherwise, you will be wandering through life aimlessly. Taking time to plan, saves time. It reduces stress. And it makes you more efficient.


8. Organizing

You create your own problems and life friction when you are disorganized What do you need to clean up? Your car? The garage? Your desk? Organization leads to action. And no, piles are not organization.

9. Giving to Others

You may say, “I don’t have time for myself, how I am supposed to give it to others?” Yet, one of the biggest secrets in life is that you get what you give. Make sure you give and help those around you.
你也许会说:“我自己都没时间了,怎么可能还去帮助别人?” 生活最大的一个秘密在于你得到的都是你付出的。一定要给予,帮助你身边的人。

10. Preparing

Planning is good, but taking action to prepare is the next step. Preparation is all about action. Don’t just know what is ahead of you, but prepare to do it. Read the materials in advance. Do the homework. Be ready.