Justin Bieber is joining the fight against cyberbullying — but it wasn’t his idea.

The singer stars in a new PSA that warns against the harms of cyberbulling, a video produced by the Nassau County District Attorney’s office as part of a plea agreement that settled a legal dispute involving members of Bieber’s team.

“By now, we’ve all seen news reports of things that started out as jokes or private conversations that have ended up as headline news,” Bieber says in the 11-minute clip. “Now I don’t want to stop you from using the internet or connecting with each other online, but I want to make sure you’re aware of what’s going on out there and what you can do to stop yourself from making a small mistake that could follow you for the rest of your life or ruin someone else’s.”

“The internet can be used as a place to have a greater positive impact on the world,” he continues. “There’s a ton of positive initiatives online. The web should be used to inspire others, not spread hate or to hurt others.”