1. Unlike Lady Mary, she comes from humble beginnings

Dockery is the youngest of three daughters. Her father, Michael Dockery, was born in Athlone, Ireland, and started off as a truck driver. (He now works as a surveyor). She scrimped and saved in order to attend the prestigious Guildhall School of Music & Drama, working as a waitress, in a newspaper recruitment office, and as an assistant for the National Youth Theatre.

1米歇尔 出生于普通家庭

米歇尔·道克瑞是家里最小的女儿。父亲迈克尔·道克瑞来自爱尔兰阿斯隆,曾经是一名普通司机,后来成为一名勘测员。米歇尔为了能在Guildhall School读书,不得不勤工俭学。

2. She's not quite as smooth as the haughty heiress she plays on TV 

The fictional character she most identifies with? "Elaine from Seinfeld," she told Vanity Fair earlier this year.



3. Dockery is an accomplished jazz singer

The actress has performed several times at London's famed jazz club, Ronnie Scott. She's also collaborated musically with her costar (and on-screen mother) Elizabeth McGovern. Earlier this year, the pair announced their plans to release an album together.


她曾在伦敦罗尼斯科特爵士乐俱乐部的五十周年庆典上与伊丽莎白·麦戈文的乐队合作,伊丽莎白后来在唐顿庄园中饰演了她的母亲。 今年,她俩还打算一起出一张专辑。

4. Thanks to her character's antics, men tend to keep their distance

Dockery jokes that her now-infamous scene with a Downton guest who becomes her lover -- and then dies in the middle of sex -- has scared potential real-life suitors away. "Men are terrified of me now," she quipped to David Letterman last year.


米歇尔在去年David Letterman采访中调侃自己说,由于剧中和土耳其大使发生的“事故”,导致现实生活中都没人敢追求她。

5. It took a long time for Downton's success to sink in

It wasn't until "I was in a café in New York waiting for my sister, and a couple next to me were anticipating the last episode," Dockery told Britain's T.V. Choice Magazine recently. "I was sitting there contentedly, listening, thinking, 'This is amazing.' Then when they got up to leave they recognized me and told me how much they loved the show. I remember texting Dan Stevens [Matthew Crawley]. To be on the other side of the world and have that effect was really something."


米歇尔在最近的一次采访中说:“一天我在一间纽约的咖啡馆里等我姐姐,我旁边坐了一对夫妇正在讨论《唐顿庄园》的最后一集,我就在那听着,然后当这对夫妇准备离开的时候,他们认出了我,还和我说他们非常喜欢这部片子。当时我还给Dan Stevens发了条短信告诉他这件事”。