"Vampire Diaries" fans were shocked that Elena turned into a vampire in the Season 3 finale... but not as shocked as Elena's going to be when she wakes up feeling very thirsty when Season 4's premiere, "Growing Pains," debuts on Oct. 11.
《吸血鬼日记》第三季最后Elena变成了吸血鬼让不少观众吃惊不已...但是更让观众们惊讶的是,在10月11日播出的《吸血鬼日记》第四季第一集《Growing Pains》中Elena醒来要面对自己非常想喝人血的情况。

This new image reveals a not-so-pleased-looking Nina Dobrev as she peers out of what appears to be a jail cell of some kind. Who could have locked Elena up? Is it the intimidating new hunter in Mystic Falls? Or is it her own friends, who are desperately trying to find a cure for her condition before she's forced to feed?
在这张最新发布的剧照中,我们可以看到Nina Dobrev在一个看起来像是地窖的地方。是谁把Elena锁起来的?会不会是神秘瀑布镇又来了新的吸血鬼猎人?是不是她的朋友在想在她吸人血之前,想努力帮她找到其他不用变吸血鬼的方法?

We have to admit, we weren't too worried about the nameless, faceless Council when Evil Alaric first let them in on the vampires' secret last season. After all, the vamps have been living under their noses for years.

Don't forget to tune in on Thursday, Oct. 11 at 8 p.m. EST!