The Oxford Dictionary Online is a warehouse of over 600,000 words. Despite this large arsenal, they continue to pump some of these new words into their dictionaries to keep them up to date. The world of technology remains a major influence on the English language, with innovative advances reflected in new entries including ethical hacker, 3D printing, and e-learning. Social media also continues to shape language evolution: tweeps, video chat, lifecasting, and hat tip are among the latest words to make their Oxford Dictionary debut, while acronyms regularly used online (from lulz to OH and UX) have also been recognized.
牛津在线词典是一个收录有60万单词的在线词库。尽管收词量如此丰富,还是持续有一些新单词被归入字典中,使之跟上时代的步伐。科技对英语语言的发展仍起着重要作用,新词条中包括ethical hacker,3D printing和e-learning都反映出科技的创造性进步。社会媒体同样在塑造着语言的改变:tweeps 、video chat、lifecasting 还有hat tip 都首次进入了牛津词典的最新词条,而诸如lolz、OH和UX等常常在网上出现的缩略语也被收录其中。

1. hat tip (n.) - (in online contexts) used as an acknowledgement that someone has brought a piece of information to the writer’s attention, or provided the inspiration for a piece of writing 致敬,感谢。原指英国绅士见面打招呼时摘帽这个动作。

eg. Hat tip to Chris Johnson, who alerted me to the story.

2. ethical hacker (n.) - a person who hacks into a computer network in order to test or evaluate its security, rather than with malicious or criminal intent 道德黑客:专门模拟黑客攻击,帮助客户了解自己网络的弱点,并为客户提出改进建议的网络安全专家。

eg. Ethical hackers are becoming a mainstay of the effort to make corporate networks more secure.

3. group hug (n.) - an instance of a number of people gathering together to hug each other, typically to provide support or express solidarity 紧张忙碌的现代社会,让我们“一起来抱抱”吧!

eg. No alternative therapy workshop would be complete without group hugs

4. micropig (n.) - a pig of a very small, docile, hairless variety, sometimes kept as a pet 迷你宠物猪

eg. Micropigs are becoming a popular alternative to a dog or cat and they take just as much work, money, and time.

5. guilty pleasure (n.) - something, such as a film, television programme, or piece of music, that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard 又内疚又喜悦的矛盾心理,有罪恶感的快乐

eg. Everybody has a guilty pleasure—for me, it has to be mid 70s disco.

6. lifecasting (n.) the practice of broadcasting a continuous live flow of video material on the Internet which documents one’s day-to-day activities 生活播客,把生活中的活动拍摄成视频传到网络

eg. Lifecasting creates an interactive, never-ending soap opera.

7. lolz (n. also lols) - fun, laughter, or amusement 消遣、娱乐、大笑 。最初为laugh out loud的网络缩略用语,发展为复数形式收录为新词

The image was immediately posted on Facebook, just for lols.

8. mwahahaha (n.) - used to represent laughter, especially manic or cackling laughter such as that uttered by a villainous character in a cartoon or comic strip 坏人角色夸张的大笑

eg. World domination, at last, is at hand. Mwahahaha! 

9. OH (n.) - a person’s wife, husband, or partner (used in electronic communication) 另一半,other half 的缩略语

eg. I often go to gigs on my own as my OH doesn’t have the same musical tastes as me

10. photobomb (v.) - spoil a photograph of (a person or thing) by suddenly appearing in the camera’s field of view as the picture is taken, typically as a prank or practical joke 照片炸弹,在拍照时乱入镜头的行为,尤其是为了搞笑效果

eg. We were interrupted and photobombed by at least twenty tourists.

11. ridic (adj.) ridiculous 的缩写

eg. She looks ridic in that outfit.

12。soul patch (n.) - a small tuft of facial hair directly below a man’s lower lip 男人下巴上的小撮胡须

eg. The 23-year-old has an earring in his left lobe, a soul patch, and a cool demeanour.

13. tweeps (n.) - person’s followers on the social networking site Twitter 推特用户的关注者,由Sheep和Twitter两个单词结合而成

eg. He told his tweeps he was going to a Bruce Springsteen concert.

14. video chat (n.) - a face-to-face conversation held over the Internet by means of webcams and dedicated software 视频聊天

eg. Both sons are now in China, and she often has video chats with them when she is in New York.

15. Wikipedian (n.) - a person who contributes to the collaboratively written online encyclopedia Wikipedia, especially on a regular basis 维基百科的贡献者,维基人

eg. To committed Wikipedians, the site is the embodiment of an ideology of free information for all.

16. vote someone/thing off the island - dismiss or reject someone or something as unsatisfactory 拉下马;孤立。来源于2000年首播的一部英剧《生还者》,剧情中参与竞选失败的人被流放到小岛排除在外。

eg. When a CEO gets voted off the island, the CFO typically gets dumped, too.

17。e-learning (n.) - learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the Internet 网络学习

eg. Successful e-learning depends on the self-motivation of individuals to study effectively.