Why do you think you're not writing?
I don't know. I get a good idea, and then bam, I started thinking that it's the stupidest thing ever.
Tell me about it.
Ruby Sparks, 26 years old, raised in Dayton, Ohio.
Why Dayton?
Sounds romantic.
Ruby got kicked out of high school for sleeping with her art teacher, or maybe her Spanish teacher. I haven't decided yet.
I'm glad you found something that inspires you.
Inspires me? I think I'm falling in love with her.
That's wonderful.
I can't fall in love with a girl I write.
Why not?
Because she's not real.
I missed you in bed last night. Did you get some good writing done?
Alan, are you mad at me?
Remember how dad used to say I had an overactive imagination.
That's cute. Calvin, there's no possible way that Ruby is in your house because she's not a real person.
Can you see her?
Cause she's real.
What is going on with you?
I don't know. I'm sorry.
Kiss me, stupid.
There's gotta be some logical explanation. People don't appear in the thin air.
She did.
I don't know how. It's love. It's magic.
Have you tried writing more? Write something about her and see if it comes true. If it does, this is a miracle.
That was insane!
You manifested a woman with your mind!
You can make her do anything you want. For men everywhere, tell me you're not gonna let that girl a waste.
This is the true and impossible story of my very great love, Ruby Sparks.
You may see this and think it's magic.
Hi Ruby.
But falling in love is an act of magic.
You don't know a jet about women.
I know Ruby. I wrote her.
Just don't tell me how it ends, OK?
I won't, I promise.