Matthew Perry begins his third starring role in a TV series since the end of "Friends" Wednesday (Aug. 8) when his new NBC comedy, "Go On," gets a commercial-free preview following the Olympics broadcast.

Mathew Perry将会出演美剧《老友记》结局之后自己的第三个角色——8月8日接档奥运会播出的NBC喜剧《Go On》。

He's probably hoping it goes better than the other two: Both "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" and "Mr. Sunshine" were canceled after just one season. Perry has done acclaimed guest work in dramas -- he was nominated for a guest-acting Emmy on "The West Wing" in the final season of "Friends," and he had a well-received turn on "The Good Wife" last season -- but his post-"Friends" lead roles haven't panned out.

In that regard, he's not unlike his fellow "Friends" stars, all of whom have had some serious ups and downs since their career-defining roles on the NBC sitcom.

Jennifer Aniston has easily had the highest profile of the six stars, but her movie career since 2004 has had at least as many flops as hits. Courteney Cox followed up the short-lived "Dirt" with the more successful "Cougar Town," and Lisa Kudrow has done work both in front of ("The Comeback," "Web Therapy") and behind ("Who Do You Think You Are?") the camera.
Jennifer Aniston无疑是成功最早、混的最好的一个,但是自2004年之后她的演艺事业难抑下滑。Couteney Cox出演了《熟女镇》获得了不小成功,而Lisa Kudrow前面两者涉及的领域都有试水。

The other male "Friends" have had their ups and downs too: Matt LeBlanc's turn in Showtime's "Episodes" is helping people forget "Joey." David Schwimmer is part of a very successful animated movie franchise (he voices Melman the giraffe in the "Madagascar" movies), and has concentrated as much on directing and producing as he has acting in the past eight years.
其他《老友记》男演员也各有浮沉:Matt LeBlanc在Showtime电视网美剧《Episodes》中的出演帮大家忘记了“Joey”这个角色。而David Schwimmer在电影动物配音上取得了很大成功(他给《马达加斯加》中的长颈鹿配音),并且在过去的8年历浅尝导演和影片制作的滋味。